Presidents Message

Lithium ion batteries have become an integral part of all of our lives – they are the quiet work horses that power our gadgets and keep us connected. They are the driving force behind todays new energy vehicles and one day very soon the next generation of batteries will revolutionise how we power the worlds ‘smart grids’.

We all know that electric vehicles can contribute significantly to improving the global environment, because they emit absolutely no CO2 or other exhaust gases while operating, however for electric vehicles to truly ‘solve the problem’, we need to be able to use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, to power our vehicles and homes 24 hours a day when the sun isn’t shining and wind isn’t blowing and for that we need clean energy storage and smarter grids.

Despite huge leaps forward in battery technology in recent years, battery innovation still faces many challenges and only by bringing together the worlds smartest brains will we overcome the main obstacles to a cleaner, healthier and safer energy future.

That’s why Lithium Energy (HK) Technology Ltd., with collaborative partners including Cambridge University in the U.K and MIT in the U.S are commercializing the next-generation of aluminum-graphite dual-ion battery (AGDiB) technology.

With strong leadership, forward thinking equity investors and government support, our battery technology will change the way the world uses and stores energy.


Chief Executive Officer and President
Mr Henry Chan

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