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Lithium Energy (HK) Technology Ltd (LiET) was established on the 10th October, 2005 by a group of engineers and scientist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) (中國科學院) and The Chinese government approved LiET incorporation in Hong Kong on the same day (Company Registration No.: 1000383).

CAS is an institution of the State Council of China, functioning as the national scientific think-tank, providing advisory and appraisal services on issues stemming from the national economy, social development, and science and technology progress. It is headquartered in Beijing, with institutes all over the People’s Republic of China. It has created hundreds of commercial enterprises, including Lenovo which today is one of the most successful and internationally recognized global brands.

After rebranding the company officially became known as Lithium Energy (HK) Technology Ltd on the 30th June, 2009 with a predetermined goal of redefining how we use and store energy.

Early funding raised in excess USD20 million from private equity investors, and subsequent secondary offerings have increased that number substantially. Today the company is still privately held by founder members and private equity firms, who retain a controlling interest in the company. At this present time the company has had no option but to put the IPO on hold. When we have further information all shareholders will be contacted.

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